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life sucks

ok so this week has just not been going the way i would have liked it. i am soo stressed out right now it aint even funny. i have a huge head ache right about now. so last night we did our movie on the feild thing.... it went pretty well... i mean we had our lil drama's but all in all it was ok. we didnt lose any money soo thats good. now i gotta start planning that dance for feb.i am soo tired... i came home from school at 10:30 last night and i still had a shit load of work to do. it sucked soo bad.. and i didnt even get it done.. i started it but i was just soo damn tired it wasnt even funny.. my eyes were like burning.. so josh called me last night so we talked on the phone til i decided to go to bed.. it was kewl cuz we havent really talked in a while.. he got to listen to all my problems last night haha.. lucky him.
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